School of shoes making “Bivardi” - an unprecedented educational institution for adults!

The Shoe School “Bivardi” is one of a unique educational institution of its kind. Teaching takes place with practical teachers, with vast experience, work experience and continuous improvement of their knowledge.

The teaching methodology combines the theory and practical lessons in the manufacture of shoes according to the principle: "they told how to do it, they showed how to do it with an example, they repeated it after the master." This style of study allows you to put into practice the acquired knowledge.

Your education, skills, knowledge, abilities do not matter for the teaching methodology at the shoe cutting and sewing courses in our school. The best shoe makers with ease and humor will lead you into the world of creating shoes with a “0”, from the basics to the most complex and interesting design. They will tell, show, and most importantly - you yourself can create:

own shoe design (shoe modeling, shoe design)

learn to make calculations for the anatomical features of the foot

learn to sew shoes (cut and assemble shoes)

masters will lead you into the world of leather. The secret curtain will be lifted interesting and useful about genuine leather. You will learn how to choose leather for certain models of shoes, how to prepare genuine leather for sewing shoes. You will penetrate into the fantastic world of skin colors, skin shapes, textures, natural skins from exotic reptiles, animals. Lessons onnatural leather will not leave anyone indifferent

learn to choose soles, heels for different types of shoes. The rich, huge world of the sole is another impression. Heels, installation of decorative welts and much more

learn to use professional equipment for making shoes, understand the principles of work, get into the unique world of amazing, technical opportunities in making shoes.

learn to bring shoes to a perfect look. Proper care, keep shoes

In addition, the “Bivardi” school has a unique opportunity for coworking in shoe cutting and sewing courses. At the end of the course, the room remains at your disposal with all its equipment and tools(coworking). Professionals of shoe craftsmanship are nearby, continue to advise, support. The circle of new, interesting, necessary people is expanding.

Shoe-making school “Bivardi” - an unprecedented educational institution for adults!
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